Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snow Good!

This week we have been busy trying to convince our young sweet puppies that going out in the freezing cold snow is FUN!  REALLY FUN!  And even more fun  than going out into the snow is "GOING" in the snow.  As in going potty.  The puppies have thus far been reluctant to embrace this idea.  Every time I take them out, they turn around and look at me as if to say, "Are you kidding me?"  The whole outing usually results in the puppies laying in the snow, "frozen" to the spot, with no movement.  Within 2 seconds of being placed in the snow, they start shivering for added effect.  They look as pitiful as they can and then we head back inside where the second they feel the warmth of the house, they all say, "HEY NOW WE CAN GO POTTY! It's so nice and warm in here!"  Today - we had puppy visit day, so the puppies had lots of social interactions and lots of time to go outside to show off their snow skills.  By the end of the day, we had most of the puppies actually GOING in the snow!  Success!  We still have two reluctant snow statue puppies - but I have a feeling by tomorrow, they will join in the snow fun as well.  Once the puppies got over the "Gee it is cold and the snow is deep and why am I out here" stage - the puppies actually started having fun.  We did snow mountain climbing and snow sledding and snow romping.  It was a great progress day for the pups and it was so much fun to watch. Once they got the hang of it - there was no stopping them.  Snow Good!

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