Saturday, January 26, 2013

GPS Gremlin

Today my son went to a United States Naval Academy Admissions presentation which was being held a little over 3 hours away from our house.  I was really nervous for him to do the long drive by himself but we had puppies going home today so I couldn't go with him. We set the GPS for his destination and he set off with plenty of time to spare.  I told him to ignore the GPS for a while as my way was much faster than the GPS route. I had him heading due east and told him to head North after he had driven about 47 miles. Well, my son started listening to the GPS a little sooner than he should and the GPS was in full Gremlin mode. My poor son drove almost across the entire state and then the GPS Gremlin had him turn around and had him driving back in the opposite direction. I think he hit every gravel road and back road in our entire state. He called at one point to say the only thing he had seen in the last 30 minutes were horse and buggies.  Not a single car at all. He did finally make it to the Admissions event but not without a lot of angst.  He is now driving back home through a lovely lake effect snowstorm. I will be so glad when he gets home safe and sound. Please GPS Gremlin, bring my boy back home....withOUT the detours!

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