Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day!

OH how I love the beauty of fresh fallen snow.  This morning I awoke to a blanket of white and it kept snowing all day long. Everything is so beautiful and white.  Fergie's Chocolate Doodle puppies played outside for just a little bit today.  Within five minutes, our chocolate doodle puppies were white doodle puppies!  They had snowberries everywhere.  They loved it though.  They played, "Let's chase the snowballs we make with our paws" game with Blossom.  It kept them quite entertained.  The school system let out early today so everyone got the chance to enjoy the snow.  Everyone......except maybe Mr. Yesteryear Acres....or shall I call him Mr. Abominable Snowman Acres! When he came inside earlier this afternoon, he looked like a walking snowman!  He said something about it being really cold, and how much longer it takes to get the outside farm chores done with it snowing so hard, and how wet he was.  I said that he was totally wrong. "From inside, sitting at my desk, looking outside the window, it looks perfect!  I am not cold or wet at all! It is a perfect day!'  Poor Mr. Yesteryear Acres......Have a fun Snow Day!

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