Tuesday, January 22, 2013

That was NOT on the schedule

Today was full of "HEY! That was NOT on the schedule!" For instance - this morning, as I was soundly sleeping, I do not believe I had, "Be rudely awoken by yelling panicked boy" on my schedule.  I double checked and nope - that was NOT on my schedule.
"MOM WHERE ARE THE OTHER KEYS TO MY SISTER'S CAR?!!!!!" is how my day started.  This was followed shortly by my son saying that the car LOCKED ITSELF after he started it.  So there the car sat.  In the driveway.  Running.  Completely locked. With the keys IN the car. Where are the other keys? I have no idea.  We looked everywhere. It seems there is a very good chance that the other set of keys are somewhere in Belgium enjoying all the sights in Europe.  Lucky keys.
This set off a daylong series of "That was NOT on my schedule"
Highlights include:

* Getting bundled up, before the sun rose, so I could stand out in the driveway in a balmy 12* completely FREEZING watching the running car contributing to Global Warming

* Waiting for AAA to come and unlock the car so we could shut it off

* Becoming a human Stun Gun as I electrocute myself on every metal surface in my house

* Having my hair stand up a good 12 inches from my head due to my increased Static Electricity build up so I look like one of the Supremes

* Hearing Mr.  Yesteryear Acres BRILLIANT idea of the day....."Hey I know - let's defrost the deep freezers today!!!!"

* Putting on snow mittens INSIDE so I could help empty all the freezers

* Carrying all the freezer items outside so they could stay nice and fresh AND FROZEN!

* Watching Mr. Yesteryear Acres use a big heat gun to defrost the freezers (Fascinating! WOW!  So lucky!)

* Hearing what surely sounds like a 5 Gallon bucket of water being sloshed onto the floor only to turn around and see one of our pregnant doodle mommies peeing from one room all the way to the other with gallons of pee leaking everywhere she walked

* Shop vacuuming the dining room and kitchen.....all the way out to the backdoor, thank goodness it can hold so much liquid!

* Washing carpets

* AND YES, last, but certainly not least, FOR MY SISTER......GOING out in frigid temperatures TO THE POST OFFICE and yes Sean's US Marine Corps Fire Team figure is on the way!

I wonder when I will get to the things that were ACTUALLY on my schedule????  Hmmmmmm.  You never know around here!

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