Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thatsa Lotta Meataballs!

The other day I went to our freezer and GASP! NO MEATBALLS!  None! How can this be?  I always have prepared meatballs in our freezer for quick ready-to-make meals and now we were empty. This is a serious tragedy that must be rectified immediately.  Last night I took out some ground venison, ground pork and ground beef from our freezer and so today became... "Meatball Sunday!" I made a gigantic batch.  My hands were SO cold mixing the meatball mixture that when I was done mixing, I had to run them under hot water forever.  I then became the meatball making machine.  At the end of the day - 133 meatballs went into our freezer. "Thatsa Lotta Meataballs!"  I think we are set for a while! And if that were not impressive enough - I also made a homemade loaf of Yogurt Flax Seed Bread, 1 Gallon of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice, Roasted Garlic Hummus AND I made my "son's" cooking project for school tomorrow.  Honestly - I don't know why the French teacher assigns cooking projects for the "students" because it never gets done by the "students."  My son HELPS me but it isn't as if he is in the kitchen whipping up loaves of  homemade French Baguettes by himself.  Nope - it becomes my homework as well. Every 2 weeks or so, my son's French teacher assigns a French region and then my son has to make some food item from that region. We have had Morocco, Normandy, Provence and Alsace just to name a few. Tomorrow's specialty?  Cajun French. OOOH WEEE!  I smell something SPICY! So my CHA...See You Later from da Bayou! C'est Tout!


  1. You seem like a good cook since your always talking about cooking. Would you share your meatball receipe? I am looking for a good meatball but cannot seem to find one.

    1. Thanks!!! I do love to cook. My meatball recipe has venison, ground beef and ground pork along with grated zucchini, roasted tomatoes, crackers, bread and seasonings. I usually throw in some roasted vegetables as well! You can never have too many veggies! :)


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