Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love to Dance!

I love to dance.  I mean I really love to dance.  If I hear any music with any type of moving grooving beat, I can't even sit still. At first my toes will start tapping and then my legs start moving and before I know it - dancing is on.  I have a few friends that can definitely verify my love of dancing.  When I was at the Labradoodle conference last October, one night a band started playing and NO ONE was dancing. I asked some of my doodle friends if they wanted to dance and they were shocked. "THERE IS NO ONE DANCING! WE MIGHT DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT!"  Embarrassment? Over dancing?  I think not!  So I started dancing and then other people started dancing.  It is often like that on the dance floor.  No one wants to be THAT person that starts dancing but once one person gets it going, before you know it, the dance floor is full.  I am pretty much willing to always get the dance party started.  I can literally dance all night.  I never get tired.  Since I rarely get the chance to dance, I have to sneak it in when I can.  When I clean the house every Thursday - I dance.  When I do puppy work, I dance.  Sometimes I have the best music playing when I walk on the treadmill and then I do this weird treadmill walk/dance.  I can't help it.  Once the music starts....the dancing begins! I think people who love to dance are happy people.  I know I am!!!

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