Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yay for you!

I got up very early to exercise this morning and was pleasantly surprised by how many people I saw doing the same. It was great to see so many people out and about and working on their resolutions of good health.  I have to say, that even though I am very committed to staying fit, it isn't always easy for me to find the motivation.  Some days I waste more time thinking about putting on my shoes than I do actually putting on my shoes.  Someone once told me that the amount of time people spend rationalizing or questioning whether they really want to workout could be better spent actually working out.  If you spend 10 minutes thinking about whether you want to get moving - instead you could have already been moving for 10 minutes.  I try to get motivated right away any time I start down the path of "if I exercise later then....."  So this morning, I was up and out and I felt happy to see other people jogging and walking and biking.  It gave me a sense of camaraderie. It does take time and effort to maintain physical fitness but with every minute you give towards being fit - you gain a lifetime of health and happiness.   Here's to all my morning workout buddies! Yay for you!


  1. I've found that the best motivator is a cold nose in the nape of your neck begging for a walk!
    - Krystin and Aurora


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