Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It is a brand new day of a brand new year of a brand new you!  Today is everyone's favorite day.....NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION day!  You know the day where you promise to be a better version of yourself and do all the things you have promised to do each and every New Year's Day for the past decade?
Common Resolutions:
I will lose weight
I will exercise each and every day
I will be more organized
I will file my receipts EVERY single time with no delay
I will keep my house clean
I will work less and enjoy life more

Now that we have gotten those resolutions out of the way......I have decided to make ALL NEW RESOLUTIONS for this year.  Resolutions that matter.  Resolutions that are needed.  Resolutions that are obtainable.
I will be the first one this year to Let the Dogs Out.   CHECK!
I will be the first one this year to clean up puppy poop.  CHECK!
I will be the first one this year to empty the dishwasher. CHECK!
I will be the first one to track snow inside the house because one of my doodle doggies LOVES THE SNOW SO MUCH that I have to go outside and pretend to throw a snowball into the porch so she comes back inside.  CHECK!

I am on such a roll I might continue to make resolutions all day long! I forsee resolutions to
make dinner
clean the table
do the dishes
fold the laundry
and of course I certainly can make a New Year's Resolution to UNdecorate my Christmas Tree and UNdecorate my house.  I see ALL my resolutions coming true!  WOW!  I am GREAT! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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