Sunday, October 6, 2013

Biscuit Conspiracy

Early this morning Mr. Yesteryear Acres was giving not too subtle hints about Sunday morning breakfast.  Sunday morning breakfast should be celebrated.  Sunday morning breakfast should be big and have lots of delicious food.  Sunday morning breakfast should be hearty.  He even threw in a few Sunday morning breakfast mean family love and family time. I said something along the lines of cereal and milk make an awesome Sunday morning breakfast but I don't think my suggestion was appreciated.  Just about the time Mr. Yesteryear Acres looked as though he would give into the cereal idea, my son came down the stairs and said, "Hey, Isn't it SUNDAY morning?  You know what makes SUNDAY morning great don't you?" I could tell I was in the midst of a Sunday Morning Breakfast Biscuit conspiracy.  The second the word "Biscuits" left my lips both Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son were congratulating me on what had to be the BEST idea ever!!!  Homemade Biscuits! YAY! This was immediately followed by, "You know what goes great with that???? Homemade jam!  And how about smoked sausage?!  And eggs!!  And homefries!!!! "  Yes.  I made them Sunday morning breakfast with all the fixings. The laughter and family love and family time made the early morning cooking all worth it.  The biscuits weren't too bad either!

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