Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkin Doodles

I think we may have some very talented pumpkin doodle puppies here.
  They did a great job picking out their favorite pumpkin.
This one looks like a good one!
It is just the right size for carving.
Can you pick this one up Mr. Yesteryear Acres?
I will try to save it for you
I will help carve it too!

This will look great on the porch!
Uh-oh.....Did we miss the pumpkin patch?
And......We have new babies to love!!!!!
Nutmeg's Chocolate and Red Caramel Doodle babies are here

She has the sweetest puppies

They will be ready for new homes Thanksgiving weekend....
just in time for pumpkin pie!!!

Happy Monday!

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