Sunday, October 20, 2013

On My Way Home!

After a day long adventures of adventures, I returned back to my hotel room last night around midnight and immediately began packing.  It is always infinitely easier to pack for the return trip rather than the outgoing trip.  No decisions to be made as to what to wear.  Just fold, pack and READY! ! My wake-up call at 5:10am seemed a little harsh but I was on the street lugging my suitcases behind me by 5:40am.  I walked the 5 blocks to the subway station and easily made the 6:00am subway train to the airport. I was so glad there were elevators at the subway! I was worried about maneuvering my two wheeled suitcases onto the escalator.  Sometimes it is all I can do to get myself safely on an escalator without bags!  The elevator was much appreciated by me.  I am now on the very last flight of my long day.  The worst part about flying west to east, is that your day is pretty much gone.  I know you gain all that awesome time traveling west....but it always seems sad to lose the day returning east.  By the time I get home, Sunday will be over!  Not to worry though.  I will be up bright and early tomorrow morning and will be ready for Puppy Picture Monday! I can't wait to see how much they have grown since I left! Yesteryear Acres.....I am on my way home!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how Zeke has changed. I am sure Mr. Yesteryear and all the puppies were glad to see you home safely!


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