Wednesday, October 16, 2013

30,000 Feet

I am writing my blog at a mere altitude of 30,000 feet on my way to Vancouver.  I arrived in Chicago with 30 minutes to spare.  I knew I would have to RUN to get to my connecting flight.   As soon as the doors to the plane opened,  I was off.  We landed at gate C15.  I had no idea where my next gate was located.  Should I turn left?  Should I turn right?  I opted right and what do you know.....Gate C 17 was my next gate!  Now that is luck!!!  I waited a few minutes and sister arrived!  She flew in from Boston and we have the same flight going to Vancouver.  So now we are both sitting in our "First Class" seats that we have created for ourselves.  We originally had a middle and a window seat but our flight was not full so now we have the middle seat open and ready for our pseudo picnic lunch.  We bought sandwiches and chips and M&M's so our little "First Class" oasis is complete.  Food.  Check!  Seats with room to stretch a little.  Check.  Most Excellent Company. CHECK! Vancouver HERE WE COME!  

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