Friday, October 18, 2013

Bear Doodles

My mom had conference seminars to attend to all day so what could my sister and I do?  Sit around and wait? Walk aimlessly around town? Of course not! We took a bus to Whistler and were delighted by natural beauty and wonders all day long! It was the most beautiful day ever. The weather could have not been more perfect and the drive along the Sea to Sky Highway was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever seen.  Mountain vistas.  Waterfalls. Ocean views. Islands. Granite Cliffs.  It was one breathtaking view after another.  Once we got to Whistler my sister and I took an 8 mile hike and just immersed ourselves in nature.  The pines smelled so good and the old growth forests were just gorgeous.  It was one of those days you never want to forget.  Every single second of the day was filled with beauty.  I can't wait to get home and upload pictures for the blog.  I have them all on my phone so I have to transfer them to my computer in order for the upload to work.  I even have an animal surprise for you.....Bear Doodles!  We saw 3 bears today!  One bear was so close to us that when we turned the bend, we almost walked right into him.  We have awesome pictures too!  Bear Doodles and Mountain Vistas make for a perfect day!

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