Friday, October 11, 2013

45 Seconds

Mr. Yesteryear Acres came in from working outside last night a little after 11pm. He saw my face of deep sorrow over the loss of my treadmill and said he would go look at the treadmill and try to fix it first thing in the morning. Once he saw the bunched up belt he was not too impressed with my handyman capabilities.  He started asking me questions like how many revolutions did I turn the screw and what was the height difference between the two ends of the rollers.  Uh? What?  How would I know?!  Then Mr. Yesteryear Acres took out something called a tape measure and said everything was all askew and totally messed up.  He then made some adjustments and 45 seconds later told me to turn on the treadmill.  I said, "Already?!  You have to fix it!  It is really broken!"  He assured me I could turn on the treadmill and what did it do?  Purr like a kitten and work perfectly.  Yes.  In TWO hours of attempting to fix my treadmill, I had only made things worse and was no closer to getting my treadmill fixed than when I started.  How long did it take Mr. Yesteryear Acres? 45 seconds.  Yes.  45 seconds!  Not even ONE SOLID MINUTE.  My treadmill works fine now.  I have learned a valuable lesson in all of this.  I am sure you are thinking the lesson is I should never try to fix things.  Well that is so obvious, but the real lesson is - never promise a double batch of cookies when the repair job only takes 45 seconds to fix!  Now I have to go bake!  Good ole Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  He can fix EVERYTHING!

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