Friday, October 25, 2013

Trifecta of Fun

I am pretty sure when you are done reading this blog, you will be consumed with jealousy over my most awesome day. One would be hard pressed to top this much awesomeness! First, I went to the gynecologist for a VERY long overdue medical check-up.  When I say very long overdue, let's just say, the doctor almost forgot who I was! Yes. I was scolded.  Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to go to a doctor when you feel perfectly fine.  I mean let's face it.... there are much better ways to spend a day! I finally acquiesced and went to my gynecologist appointment.  While I was with the doctor, she asked me when my last mammogram was. Hmmmmm.  Last mammogram? I said, "it wasn't that long ago.....I think I had one when I was 35."  The doctor then said, "soooooo 13 years ago?!!"  ACK!  How did that happen???  Wasn't I JUST 35????  So guess what I got to go do right after I saw the gynecologist? OH YES.  I got to go get a mammogram.  See?  You are so jealous.  You are thinking, "WOW!  WHAT AN AWESOME DAY!"  I have to admit, the mammogram was really simple.  I was done in less than 5 minutes and I was thinking now I can check that off my list for YEARS.  At least that was until the radiologist said to me, "See you next year.  You are at the age when you need this done every single year."  WHAT?!  I am old AGAIN?!  What is this?  Some kind of conspiracy? I called Mr. Yesteryear Acres from the car to let him know that I was finally on the way home when he asked me to stop by the store to pick up a few things.  UGH.  I was waiting at the pharmacy window FOREVER when the technician asked me if I would like a free flu shot.  FLU SHOT?!  OH BOY!  Yes please!!!!  Sign me up!  The flu shot was JUST what I needed to complete my trifecta of fun!  What an awesome day! Doctor, Mammogram AND Flu shot!  I wonder what tomorrow will bring?  Dentist maybe?!  I haven't seen him in a while........Maybe I can schedule that AND have my eyes examined and get reading glasses cause evidently....I am old enough for that too!

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