Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Queen of the Leftovers

I know one shouldn't bequeath titles upon themselves but....I am Queen of the Leftovers. On any given day, I can open the refrigerator and transform whatever leftovers are in there into a new and exciting dish. I have mastered the art of Spicy Thai Soup made with an incredible assortment of "what the heck is in here?"  Wheatberries?  Check! Normandy Vegetables? Check! Quinoa? Check! Eggs, pork, chicken, roasted veggies, cabbage, eggplant, Check, Check and Check!  It always comes out delicious! To be fair, if you put enough Thai chilis and spices in the soup, no one can really tell exactly what is in there. AND my soup is such a great "Soup O Fire" that in about an hour............your colon will be nicely scrubbed clean. The soup is practically zero calories in the end... Bonus! Tonight I thought the cards were stacked against me in coming up with a last minute dinner reinvention.  Leftover beef.  Roasted potatoes. Onions. Peas.  Beef gravy......OH PERFECT.  I just whipped up some homemade "corned beef hash" minus the "corned".  A few fried eggs and VOILA! Let me just say - the leftovers are now delicious!  I know this to be true because I am surrounded by a four-legged tail-wagging crowd of approval.  Now that the refrigerator is empty, tomorrow I will have to start from scratch and make all new ingredients for what is surely going to be Friday's leftover surprise meal.  Thank goodness I am the Queen!

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