Sunday, October 27, 2013

I could spend every day admiring Nature's Beauty

One week ago today I returned from Vancouver where I proudly watched my mom receive her major award.  The Gala and award night was simply magical.  I was so proud and the event was a culmination of all the awesome work my mom has done.  I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world.
The Gala was a huge starry filled event of happiness.
My mom looked amazing up on the stage and on the big movie screens around the ballroom. We all smiled all night long. 
Vancouver is an amazingly beautiful city.  There are museums and stores and parks and waterfront and the list goes on and on. Where was I during every free moment?  Loving Nature of course!!!!!  I can never get enough of Nature's beauty! So here is the picture overload!  

There are totems to be found everywhere

If you look just a little left of the center of the trees - you will see a bald eagle flying.  That one flew right over my head!  

Here is the treetop canopy.  You could walk above the forest floor from tree to tree.

There were trees in this forest that were 1300 years old.  They were SO tall and SO majestic.  I had to just give them a big hug!

The suspension bridge that goes over the gorge.  It was a little wobbly but definitely worth the adventure!

I literally just stood here in silence and took in the beauty.  The air was crisp and fresh.  The trees smelled so good.  The forest was complete serenity and peace.  I could never tire of this.  I wish I could visit this spot every day.

This was a huge catwalk that jutted out from a cliff face.  
Nature all around!

Glass walkways way on top of the gorge

Sea to Sky Highway

Squamish, BC! I could not stop looking at this view.  I think I would be happy living in a tent right in this spot.  So beautiful!

This forest was SO green.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  My sister and I kept calling it a "fairy forest" as it just looked magical.  It looked like one of the places on that list of "places you must visit."

The fairy forest trail led to this view.  I just stood here in awe. Nature's Wonders....right before my eyes.

Bear number 1.  Yes that is me.  Yes I know - don't approach the bears.

So, I am sure this is a mystery person that is close enough to take this picture of the bear eating berries off the bushes.

More Fairy Forests.....Whistler BC

Bear Number 2.  I am a very good bear spotter.

Waterfalls are so breathtakingly beautiful!

Ahhhhh.  So peaceful!  I love to just stand there and listen to the water cascade down the mountain.
Bear number 3. It was a good day for bears!

Some people have this sunset view EVERY single night! WOW! I think I would have to take a picture every night!

This is Beaver Lake in Stanley Park.  The park is literally DOWNTOWN - with buildings and freeways and hotels all around.  Once you enter the park, thoughts and visions of metropolis vanish.  It is nothing but peace and quiet and nature.  I loved it so much. I would walk here every day!

See?  Look at all the trees in this forest!  It is so beautiful.  Did I mention I love nature?  And trees?  And forests?  LOVE!

One last adventure before I headed back to Yesteryear Acres.  
Whale watching! And yes....despite the frigid temperatures it was AWESOME! That's a humpback right behind me.  AND it swam right up to the boat, stuck its head out and looked at us and then swam under the boat on his way.  AWESOME!  I LOVE NATURE!

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