Saturday, October 5, 2013

Alas....I spoke too soon

Oh normal day where nothing exciting happens how you mock me! Right after dinner last night, our perfectly normal, nothing exciting, run of the mill, ordinary day turned into, "SURPRISE!  Yesteryear Acres something always breaks or happens day!"  We get them a lot.  We actually have FAR more days where something goes amiss rather than days where nothing exciting happens.  We long for nothing exciting days.  So right after dinner last night, as I was opening the sliding door that separates the kitchen from the dining broke.  Yep the door broke.  Came off the track again for what seems to be the 1,000th time and this time it was a goner.  The sliding door is essential.  It keeps the puppies from running through the entire house in a kind of  happy free-for-all puppy romp.  It keeps the kittens from going into the living room where they would happily climb up the backs of my couches with their sharp little kitty claws.  It separates our house into a nice "puppy zone" and a nice "human zone".  The door is essential.  As soon as the door broke, Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son left the house to go buy the needed hardware and when they came back the small little let's fix the door became let's remove all the molding.  Let's remove the framing.  Let's get plaster dust EVERYWHERE!  We worked on the door for HOURS.  It went something like this.... My son had to lift the door up into the tracks.  So he spent hours laying on the floor holding the door up by the bottom edge.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres spent hours with a crowbar and hammer making lots of noise and a huge mess.  I spent hours looking at the clock wondering WHEN CAN THIS BE FIXED and the ultimate fun job of....holding the flashlight.  Are we living up our Friday nights or what?!  And just in case you are thinking, "Did you REALLY stay up all night fixing a sliding door????"
Yes.  Yes I did. 

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