Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Must. Get. Done.

I am leaving for Vancouver first thing tomorrow morning.  My mom is getting a major award and I am heading to Vancouver for the big event. She is receiving the International Women's Forum Award for Women Who Make a Difference. It's a huge deal and basically the culmination of her life's work for helping women achieve their dreams.  I can't miss such a major life event, so tomorrow morning I will be flying the friendly skies.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres is going to be kind enough to take me to the airport at O'Dark-Thirty. He is totally my hero. Of course, I have to make sure everything is ready here at home for my absence.  I have been running non-stop all day trying to get everything done.  Puppy nails trimmed.  Puppy boxes all clean.  Puppy laundry all caught up.  Human laundry all caught up. I have meals to make for Mr. Yesteryear Acres and my son so they will have nice healthy dinners while I am gone.  AND....... I have to pack!  There are several dressy events including a big formal gala.  This means a long dress!  This means dress shoes!  This means I need to paint my toes, wash my hair and iron my clothes!  I. Must. Get. Done.  I can't show up to Vancouver in my puppy attire!  Although.....I bet if I had a cute adorable doodle puppy in my arms, maybe, just maybe, no one would notice my toes!  So much to do!  So little time! Now where did I put the nail polish?????

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