Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat

Well the end of October is here and boy is it making quite the exit!  We have high winds and drenching rain and severe storms.  Most of the areas around us have postponed trick or treat night.  I mean what fun is there in row boating door to door only to get water logged candy? There are only so many "sea fisherman" costumes that could withstand this kind of punishment.  Of course this puts me in quite the predicament.  Are there trick or treaters knocking at my door? No.  Do I have candy? Yes.  Do I love candy? YES!  How will I be able to resist the big assortment bag of Twix and Milky Way and Snickers bars?????  I mean there is the bag - just sitting there in the dining room.  Full of candy.  Calling my name. Okay. Okay.  So maybe not FULL of candy.  Maybe there was a test run to see if this particular batch of Snickers Bars were delicious. And MAYBE there was also a test run to see if the "Fun Size" Twix bar could measure up to its full size counterpart.  And MAYBE a Milky Way makes quite the perfect end to lunch.  Alright maybe...the truth is..... that we live out in the country.  That at MOST we get 3 trick or treaters but often our trick or treat count is zero.  Maybe Mr. Yesteryear Acres questioned the necessity of me buying a big bag of trick or treat candy. Maybe I countered with - I am SURE we will get some trick or treaters THIS year.  We need to be prepared!  And maybe....the storm took any last chance of that happening so now I obviously cannot let the trick or treat candy go to waste!  Trick or Treat! Mmmmm Snickers!  Gosh I love trick or treating here!

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