Thursday, October 24, 2013

Today's Blog is Brought To You By the Letter L

Way way way back when my sister and I were little we had a contest to see who could take the longest to say the alphabet. On her first turn, she took about a minute to run through the alphabet.  My turn followed and lasted 5 minutes.  Then her turn was again right around 5 minutes in length.  Then I said, "Oh yeah....well I will say the world's SLOWEST alphabet.  40+ years later.....I am giving my sister the Letter "L" in honor of her birthday today. Aren't I a great big sister? Just what she ALWAYS wanted....the letter "L". Just in case you think that is ALL I gave her, I also gave her some Luxurious Lovely Lounging pajamas when we were together in Vancouver last week.  We definitely got to spend some fun sister time......
Giant swinging suspension bridge

Walking through the treetops!

A Bald Eagle just flew over our heads. Awesome!

Who doesn't love trees!!!

On the Sea to Sky Highway

The waterfalls were breathtakingly beautiful

To say it was "foggy" in Vancouver would be an understatement

There was a huge freighter ship right behind us blowing its horn.....we could not see one inch of it!

All dressed up for the Gala

Whale watching in the freezing cold?!  Yes Please!!!!
Happy Birthday to my sweet sister who willingly went on all my adventures with me.....including the one when I said, "Hey, I know!  Let's walk up all 30 flights of stairs to our hotel room!"  Only a best friend sister would agree to that one!  And....of course...we made it with no problem!  See?  We aren't THAT old yet!
Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your LETTER L!

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