Friday, October 4, 2013

Nothing Exciting

I wish I had something ultra exciting to write about for today's blog.  I have been thinking all day......what happened today that is exciting and interesting? I have come up with nothing.  Nothing really very exciting.  Nothing really very interesting.  Now some people might think that is a bad thing but believe me - here at Yesteryear Acres it is almost a miracle.  No emergencies today!  No last minute, "can you please help us?" type situation.  It was just a regular ole Friday.  I have a big stew slowly cooking on the stove so the kitchen smells heavenly.  I washed ALL the puppies and trimmed all their nails and groomed each and every one for my afternoon chores. Right now I am in the process of putting together our super awesome Yesteryear Acres puppy care packages to get them ready for the weekend. After that I am going to make a big batch of cookies to surprise the boys.  See?  Nothing exciting BUT everything wonderful.  Just like a day should be!

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