Thursday, January 16, 2014


Well after one long suffering younger daughter has survived and is alive! The wisdom teeth surgery really knocked her for a loop.  She has been in a lot of pain and hasn't moved from the couch all week.  I have been blending all her food into the consistency of baby food, and she still has hardly eaten. She has really been miserable and I have been on milkshake duty, baby food making duty, medicine duty and ice duty all week long.  Despite my vigilant efforts, my daughter really had not improved much and was down for the count.  Today however.....she is alive!  She is smiling!  She is up and walking about and looks a million times better.  Her face swelling is also so much better today and she actually ate real food.  It is still soft food but she ate! And she had an appetite.  I think the worst is finally behind her.  It was so awesome to see her smiling face.  I really missed it!!!!  Tonight we are going to snuggle by the fire and watch whatever movie she wants.
Grits is ready!  She says, "Don't forget the homemade ice cream!"
Everyone is happy that my daughter is finally feeling better. Yay!

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