Thursday, January 2, 2014

One last snow romp

My older daughter had to go back to the Marine base today.  Christmas vacation is officially over but Mother Nature was soooooooo nice to give us one last fun snow romp before my daughter hit the road.
We were so excited to wake up to a winter wonderland

Grits says, "Snow is delicious!!!"

The doodle doggies were so happy to see all the mud disappear
Nothing beats one last snow romp before the long drive back

Snow much fun!

I will miss that sweet smile!!!!

Grits will miss her too!

TAG!  You are it!

Time to go already?

One last snowy goodbye to Yesteryear Acres.......
Travel safely my sweet daughter of mine. 
Thanks for the awesome time together!


  1. Renee, which doodle is that with your daughter in the pic above? Not Grits, but the older doodle.


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