Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Packing for School, Not as Simple as it Sounds...

As I have mentioned earlier this week in a blog post, my college added the new Winter Term this year which allowed me to have an extended winter break. When packing to come home I could not decide what I wanted to bring home and what exactly I was going to need. Packing at school went a lot like this..Sure I haven't had a chance to wear this sweater dress, but what if I NEED it?! Then I would toss it into the center of my room into the "pack me" pile. As a Resident Assistant for my building my door is usually open and I have residents stopping by to chat and whatnot. They thought my packing methods to be extremely entertaining. To say I pretty much packed everything would be quite accurate. Packing seemed difficult then, HOWEVER now I am realizing how simple it was. I was in a very small box of a room with all my belongings in the once little space they are allotted. They simply got shoved into a bag. Well lots and lots of bags. I had nothing else to do, but pack. My little car was quite full. When I got home my Dad may have questioned if I had moved out. I simply couldn't leave school for a month and a half without my favorite sweaters! It's winter! I could get cold! And the boots. Yes the boots ,they just HAD to come too. It's simply an outfit that cannot be broken up. BUT now packing has proven to be a nightmare. I am so glad I started this process today. I cannot remember what is still at school. Exactly how many sweatshirts did I take home versus leave at school? If the heat in my room is still broken? Then I am obviously going to need to take extra sweats. And so the great debate continued for every item I wanted to pack. How many socks did I take home. Did I take all my running socks or just a few. Did I leave enough workout tops at school or are they somewhere here. The hardest part about packing was having the doodle doggies watch me gather up all my things. They would follow me from room to room as I searched for the things on my list. Phone charger here, blanket here, laundry out of the dryer, etc. They would follow me and stage their own little protests. You don't really want that blanket Amelia, look how much we love it. Don't we just look so cute on this blanket!? Don't you want to snuggy with us? I think you should just stay here under this blanket forever. The kitty doodles even had their own sabotage.. Oh boy look at this warm laundry! WOW you were so nice for heating up your clothes for us. You won't mind if we just sleep in this basket do you?! Nahh I didn't think you would. Thanks pal! You don't need these clothes because you can't leave!!muahahahahahaha!! On and on this battle continued throughout the day. I got squeaker toys dropped in my suitcases, rag-bones dropped at my feet, kittens batting my running shoes until they were under my bed. My favorite counterattack was my dog literally stealing the socks out of my bag and RUNNING full speed out of the room and hiding them in the bathroom. She wasn't just playing fetch. She would come back and cry until I turned around and she was off stealing another item of clothing. Oh doodle doggies don't you know I will miss you all the mostest!!! You are the bestest animals in all the whole wide world! I never WANT to leave you, but I must pack and go back to school! If I could I would pack you all up and bring you with me, alas I cannot bring dogs into a dorm room. I promise to video chat when I am gone and snuggy every time I am back home. Oh please oh please let me pack! I call truce! If you let me finish packing I promise to play fetch for as long as you want tomorrow AND let you snuggle up in my blankets! Until then... pretty please let me pack!!!

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