Friday, January 17, 2014

Whatever Shall They Do?

Ironically, my daughter's worst week of suffering last week was the doggies best week.  What is better than lying snuggled in an electric blanket with your favorite snuggle buddy all week long?  Agenda for the day? Snuggle. Snuggle. Snuggle. Followed by more snuggling.  How the dogs suffered! This is what I saw every single time I walked into the living room
Do you want to go out?  Do you want to play ball? Do you want to move?

Ummm No.  
They pretty much stayed right by my daughter's side the entire week.  Today my daughter looks great and the doggies look miserable.  No more blanky!?!  No more snuggle time!?!  Why are you up?!?  Why are you getting dressed?  What is happening?  Whatever shall the poor doodle doggies do now? Guess they will have to get up and go play fetch or do other real dog work.  How they suffer!

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