Friday, January 24, 2014

And So It Begins Again...

Today I gathered up the rest of my things and packed up my little car. To say it was at full capacity would be a bit of an understatement. Thank goodness my Dad is an excellent packer! He can look at any array of variously shaped items and get them to fit as if they were made to go that way. It's like the most complex puzzle ever and my Dad can just *POOF* get everything to fit. I always ask my Dad to pack up my car by stating "Dad, I packed way too much stuff and it is never ever going to fit in my car. However I would like it too because I really need it all. Can you pretty please help me pack my car?" being the loving Mr. Yesteryear Acres that he is, he ALWAYS helps me. I think this might have been his finest masterpiece yet! He got absolutely everything to fit! Thankfully I had a very easy drive all the way back to school. I made excellent time and was even able to bring all my stuff inside before my meeting!! I have been in meetings and working on paperwork all evening! We have quite a bit of work to do before all the residents arrive for the new semester.I haven't even had the chance to unpack my things yet and settle back into my dorm room. I will be in meetings for most of tomorrow and then I have to create my new bulletin board. I will need to dig out my sheets and blankets so I can at least sleep tonight! My dorm room is still having heat issues. It's so cold in my room that I think polar bears could happily live here. My university actually just sent out an email warning us about the extreme cold and how they will be working on all the heating issues as soon as possible. They suggested that students bring extra clothing and blankets back to school. I didn't need an email reminding me how cold it is. Im frozen to my floor! I do not have high hopes of being warm anytime soon, as I have had people come to fix my heat several times already. Alas that is the curse of living in a beautiful old building. Thankfully I love my school and building. I can't believe it's a new semester, all the work and classes haven't even started yet!!!!  I miss my residents so much! I cannot wait for them to get here already!!! And so it begins again!  

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