Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Where Did the Ice go?

We have had a really nice deep freeze on our pond for most of November and December.  At one point the ice was so thick, I am pretty sure you could drive a car onto the ice with nary a crack.  It has been perfect for ice skating and every morning you can see fresh deer prints across the snowy ice.  Just last week it looked like this
But when I took Grits for a walk this afternoon.....
Grits said, "Hey! Where did the ice go?"
I mean it is still hanging in there but, it is getting pretty thin

I do not think the deer will be walking across the ice this evening

Not unless they like ice SWIMMING rather than ice skating!
I am sure we will be inundated with another round of winter storms before spring sets in but I think today we should hang the ice skates up for a while. Looks like ice skating activities will have to be placed on hold. Hey, if the temperatures don't drop soon, maybe I should get out my paddle board! I could ice/slush/paddle/skate/ board my way across the melted/frozen/icy/slushy pond!

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  1. Same ice thievery going on here in Maine, but I suspect there's plenty more ice in our future.


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