Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Breakfast....for me?

This morning I was moving a little slowly.  I am tired.  As in T I R E D.  My son came in the kitchen and said that it looked like I needed a good Sunday morning breakfast.  I told him that I had too much to do and would just grab a bowl of cereal later.  That is when he said that he would make ME breakfast. I said he didn't need to but he insisted.  He then gave me a cup of coffee and had me sit down while he prepared my morning breakfast. He made "Eggy in the Hole" which is definitely one of my favorites.  You take a piece of bread, cut out a little hole in the middle and then put it in a saute pan with melted butter and crack an egg right in the hole. You saute the bread and egg together. When it is perfectly cooked, you can poke the center of the egg and then have hot yolk run all over your buttered toast.  Mmmmm.  And of course, my son made a perfect Eggy in the Hole for me.  It was so good!  AND if that weren't special enough, he even made me a tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice!  Now that is one Sunday breakfast that will have me smiling all day long. Happy Sunday to me!

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