Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowball Fetch - Best Game Ever

This morning we woke up to a chilly -1* outside and they are saying next week that -1* will feel warm!  There is no excuse for hiding inside with such an epic winter forecast so my daughter and I took a long snow hike first thing this morning. We figured we are pretty much acclimated to the cold at this point, well acclimated as in I must wear arctic gear plus 100 layers just to let the dogs out, but who needs to put their arms down anyway?
The snow hiking begins

This is how we amuse ourselves along our walk

Snowball Fetch!


We can do this for hours

So can Olive

I'm going to catch that snowball this time!

So ready.....

Got it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey? Where did the ball go?????

Thank goodness there is always another snowball right around the corner!

After a winter day filled with snow hikes, sledding, and doodle snow fun, we decided that a batch of homemade pasta would be the perfect end to a perfect day. We were right! Mmmm.  No leftovers here!
Happy Snow day!

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