Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ONE Pancake

This morning our paper proudly announced that our city was the coldest official location in the U.S., including Alaska, at 19 degrees below zero. What an awesome distinction! Here at Yesteryear Acres our thermometer read -22*, so maybe Yesteryear Acres was the coldest location!  It sure felt like it. Once again, my son's school was cancelled so this morning it was his turn for the big warm breakfast.  He decided to make pancakes.  He asked me how many I wanted, to which I replied, "One".  This set off a long series of, "Are you sure you only want ONE pancake?" and "What about One-and-a-half Pancakes?" or "Can't you eat two pancakes?"  I assured him that with my commitment to healthy eating, one pancake was all I wanted to eat.  While I would love to eat 6 pancakes....that would lead to 6 pancakes surrounding my mid-section. Those pounds don't come off like the used to! My son got busy making a gigantic batch of pancakes because he can easily eat a dozen or more and Mr. Yesteryear Acres can put that away without even trying.  When I was called to breakfast - this was my plate:
One pancake. One GIGANTIC pancake that didn't even fit on the plate!  I asked for one pancake and boy did I get one!  By the son's blueberry pancakes are delicious!  And I was SO good watching my calories.  See?  I just ate one pancake! Commitment to healthy eating preserved!

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