Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Perfect Solution... A Shopping Day With Dad

Hello everyone! This is Amelia and I am acting as this weeks guest blogger!! I know it is shocking that I am still home on winter break. My college just added a new winter term this year which gave me about a month and a half long break! Most of my friends are bored and ready to go back to school, but life here at Yesteryear Acres is never dull! And to make sure that I wouldn't even be tempted to say I was bored at home, my lovely Mother scheduled for my wisdom teeth to be removed over break. Luckily I am finally back on my feet and eating somewhat "real" people food again (before it was applesauce and oatmeal for days) and I am back to work. I have been cleaning and taking care of doodle doggies as well as getting ready to go back to school.
Today my Dad asked me if I wanted to run errands with him and of course I said yes!! I was delighted to go on an adventure after a week on the couch. I love the way my dad shops. We have a list and we look for every item on the list by way of "let me just look at this really quickly". My Dad likes to browse a bit, but I swear he finds the best deals around. If we find it, perfect he puts it in the cart and crosses it off the list. If we cannot find it he makes notes... out of stock, not carried anymore, couldn't find it, etc. So that the next person who goes shopping knows exactly what we have and what we don't have and why. My Dad is also the most thoughtful shopper ever. He comes up with the best things, sometimes things that you didn't know you needed and you don't know how you ever functioned without it. Our mission today was to start the "I-am-going-back-to-college-after-a-month-and-a-half-and-therefore-my-dorm-room-food-stock-is-empty-and-I-also-need-school-supplies-for-the-new-semester" mission. Being the thoughtful man that he is, my Dad was the perfect guy for the task. He thought of everything and more. I was a bit out of sorts because with my wisdom teeth surgery I cannot eat certain things for what feels like eternity, but really its only about 3 months or so. However this includes my favorite breakfast granola that I eat EVERY SINGLE DAY at school. Like every single day, no exaggeration (* okay not the days I oversleep a tad bit and run to class shoving my toothbrush into my backpack). I simply didn't know what I was going to do. Being Mr. Yesteryear Acres, my Dad did not even flinch. He came up with a perfect solution in under a second. Oatmeal. Yes I know that sounds simple, I even mentioned that I ate oatmeal above. AHA! But he takes it one step past awesome, oatmeal in coffee to go cups! Now all I have to do is add some of the hot water I use to make my coffee in the morning to my 'insta-oatmeal cup' and presto! breakfast is served!! That means even the days I am running late I can eat food! That means I can walk and eat at the same time! Which means no more choosing to forgo food in order to walk to class rather than eating and literally running to class! My whole semester and college career just changed with that brilliance. My Dad even suggested that I could pack food that I make into the to go cups and heat them up in the microwaves around campus. So for all the times I don't have enough time to go back to my room to eat or when I am studying all night in the library or working on a project, I now have food. I almost did a happy dance right there in the store!!! SO MANY MISSED MEALS! NEVER AGAIN!!! My Dad is the bestest shopping companion ever!! We finished the mission with perfect tiny sticky notes for text book side notes, organic brown microwaveable rice bowls, applesauce cups, peanut butter, almond butter, oatmeal, coffee to go cups, cans of tuna fish (with dinner ideas brainstormed by my dad and I), and the perfect writing pens! Mission= Super Successful! I will really miss home when I go back to school, but I will have my Dad with me and inspiring me in all the little things that helps me succeed in school! Thank you Dad for the best shopping day! You always help me more than you know! 

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