Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

My birthday is in a few days and unfortunately I will be back at school and most likely unable to come home for awhile. So what did my wonderful family do? They made my birthday dinner tonight! My Dad is an excellent chef. He makes the most delicious steaks you have ever eaten in your life! He breaks out that cast iron pan and it's like magic happens. We had steak, 7 grain wild rice, homemade sour dough bread, and sauteed cabbage (which is so insanely good!! It tasted EXACTLY like the steak!). For dessert homemade banana cake! Banana cake is my favorite cake in the whole wide world! They even put extra homemade cream cheese frosting on it!! YUMMM!!! I was so busy today packing up the rest of my stuff that I was so surprised with this delicious ensemble of  birthday happiness!  I am so pleasantly full! What a great early birthday! The thing I love the most about living here at Yesteryear Acres is my family. We are such a tight knit unit and we just roll with whatever life throws at us. At the end of the day it isn't what was planned versus what actually happened that matters, it is who you spend your day with. I love spending the day with my family. They make the most out of every situation. We laugh so hard until we cry, we help each other, we support each other, and we love our doodles! So sure my birthday is the second day of the new semester... where it is supposed to be about -13 degrees outside... and I won't have my family or doodle buddies, but why not celebrate an impromptu birthday tonight!? Because with my family, any night is special enough to be birthday night! Thank you for such a wonderful night! I love you guys! Happy early birthday to me!!

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