Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tale of Two Doggies

We have certainly been given ample opportunity to enjoy our winter this season.  Record setting arctic temperatures, record snowfalls, windchills that whip right through every single layer.  There is no doubt - it is winter! My son has had school cancelled more times this winter than the previous winters combined.  It looks like tomorrow will be another "Snow" day - or rather, "It is WAY TOO COLD TO GO OUTSIDE! " school cancellation. Our doggies know it is winter too.  Our puppy Grits LOVES LOVES LOVES  snow days.  She bounds outside with so much enthusiasm.  Today she was almost buried in snow and you could just see her leaping from snow drift to snow drift, burying her face into the snow until she was covered from head to toe in frozen "snowberries".  She can't get enough of it.  You can almost hear her, "OH BOY! SNOW!  What does THIS snowflake taste like?  What does this pile of snow feel like? What does this snow tunnel look like? I LOVE SNOW!"  My doggie Scooter is another story.  When I open the door to let him out, he turns around and gives me the look that says, "SNOW? AGAIN?!!! Grrrrrr"  He then waits on the top step as if some miracle will occur and the snow will disappear.  After an eternity, he finally acquiesces and slowly and reluctantly walks down the remaining stairs.  When he reaches the bottom, he is done.  He refuses to walk one more step and RIGHT there is where he decides to do his business. As if walking another 4 feet will kill him.  He then turns around, walks up the steps and you can almost hear him, "You made it snow, you clean that up".  The rest of the doggies fall somewhere between the two extremes.  Most of them love it.  I mean snow DOES taste DELICIOUS!  Just ask Grits!!! 

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