Friday, January 31, 2014

Gloves and Hats not required!

Oh my gosh - I went outside today without a hat!  Without Gloves! I cannot remember the last time I went outside without looking like someone working in the polar ice caps.  The only thing I have exposed are my eyes as the rest of me is completely bundled and then some. Today felt like a veritable heat wave.  I never knew 34* could feel so warm.  Grits and I decided we couldn't miss such a perfect weather snow walk.
Grits says that it feels like summer!

Come on!  Faster!

Oh alright....I'll come back to get you!

This is how she encourages me to walk faster

It works every time!

And she is off again!

Look who we found waiting for us by the pond! Yay!  Walking buddies!

Finally not too cold for the camera!

HEY!  Those are REALLY BIG Doodles!!!!!

I wonder what that hay tastes like

Better catch up!

Trixie says, "Now that was FUN!"

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