Friday, January 10, 2014

Milkshake Duty

To say that my daughter looks uncomfortable would be an understatement.  Her face is so swollen from yesterday's surgery, it looks painful even from the outside! She is pretty miserable which is a little concerning as the surgeon said that day 3 or 4 would be the worst.  I don't think her face can swell much more.  I stayed up with her most of last night and today I have been on milkshake duty.  Milkshakes are about the only thing she can tolerate so I have been making a lot of mini milkshakes all day long. I have managed to squeeze in some work here and there and of course doodle doggie and puppy time, but most of the day has been spent with my milkshake chores.  I am hoping tonight that she can get some sleep so that I can grab a few zzzz's as well.  I am one tired mama!  The late night classes leading up to this has really zapped my energy.  If I don't get sleep tonight, I may be forced to take...a nap! Until then, one peppermint milkshake is on the way!


  1. Did they give you ice packs? My daughter had all four of hers removed in August, & yes, the first two days are the worst. But, she needs to ice, & that will help with the swelling & pain. I took an old pair of baseball tube socks, hand sewed them at the toes. Then, I slid in the ice packs. The stitched part rests on the chin, ice packs are on the cheeks, & you tie on top of the head. We were given two small flexible gel packs by our doctor. Good Luck... Each day will get better!


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