Monday, January 6, 2014

Newborn Puppy Picture Monday!

YAY!  Our doodle babies are here!  Juneau brought the New Year in with adorable doodle puppies to love.  They are doing great and I don't think she is quite done delivering yet.  Here are some NEW newborn puppy pictures for our Monday Puppy picture update!
Juneau's babies.....all snug and warm

She is such a good mom!

They are all nursing and doing great!

One more on the way!

She should be done delivering later this evening

Belle had her babies

She had a small litter - just 3 adorable red doodle babies

They are gorgeous

Way to go Belle!
Mommies and Puppies.....all doing well.
Happy Monday!


  1. oh they are so cute!! You're making me want another one! Juneau and Barkley make the cutest, sweetest, most awesome dogs ever (not that I am biased or anything with my pup having been one of theirs).


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