Saturday, January 18, 2014

That's What She Said

My daughter loves to write and so this week she will be the blogger for Yesteryear Acres.  She wrote for Yesteryear Acres a few times last year and I just loved it.  It was fun to see life at Yesteryear Acres from her perspective and also it was SUPER fun to ask her, "What are you going to blog about today?"  I am always thinking of my daily blog post. Sometimes late at night, thoughts of what to write about keep me up.  Then of course the next morning, I totally have forgotten my awesome ideas from the night before.  Some days it is SO easy to come up with the blog post.  The day's events practically write the blog for me.  Other days, honestly, all I did the entire day was clean up puppy poop and take the puppies inside and take the puppies outside and clean up puppy poop and repeat. On those days coming up with a clever blog post can be a challenge.  I mean you can only read about puppy poop so many times!  So this week, I get to sit back and watch my daughter come up with the blog posts. I get to watch her transform the day's events into a magical blog of the day.  This will be awesome!  So tomorrow look for...."That's what she said!"

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