Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coming Home is Just the Best!

Ahhhhh. Home Sweet Home.  There is nothing like coming home and sleeping in your OWN bed with your OWN pillow in your OWN home.  It is always the best feeling. My welcome committee was pretty special as well.  I am so happy to be home and look at these cute faces that were just waiting for me......
Awww - Look at this cute little Juneau Labradoodle Boy

Juneau's Puppies will have their little eyes opening soon

Juneau's 2 little Girls

Trixie's Double Doodle Babies are almost ready for their new homes!

This Curly Boy is a complete LoveBug

Snuggle Buddy

Perfect Camera Pose

This boy is a soft big stuffed animal of love!
Coming home is just the Best!!!!

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