Monday, July 16, 2012

ACK! I can't turn my head!

I woke up this morning at 5 am with one overwhelming thought, "ACK! I can't turn my head!" Ugh.  Somehow in the middle of the night my neck went out and now I am in severe pain. I can't look left. I can't look right. I can't look up. I can't look down. I am walking around with a pained look on my face and have to turn my entire body just to see something.  The pain goes all the way down my arm so that even my elbow is in pain. Ugh.  I am fairly certain I didn't do any rock climbing whilst sleeping so why this happened to me is just a mystery.  I have lists of things to do!  I have things that need to be done! I can't lift a glass of water to my lips! ACK! Looks like it is time for a heating pad and Advil. Sigh. I guess I won't be much help today.  Hopefully it will get better soon!! I have my "To-Do" list on the INK! I double checked and there is not one single day that says, "Lie around in severe pain unable to move head"  It looks like leftovers will be on the menu for dinner.  Thankfully we have a refrigerator full of good ones! Dear neck..... GET BETTER FAST!

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