Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Three Hour Tour

When I was younger I used to watch Gilligan's Island. I knew the whole opening song by heart.  For some reason the part of the song that goes, "A THREE hour tour" is playing in my head over and over.  Our generator hasn't been working and Mr. Yesteryear Acres discovered that this tiny, seemingly insignificant, small gasket/rubber/seal/diaphragm piece was corroded.  I am talking a piece the size of a small button. We have been trying desperately to find a replacement part.  With all the stores around here closed due to no electricity, IF we can get someone to answer a call, the answer to "do you have this part?" is, "I have NO idea!"  No one has their inventory online, most stockrooms are completely in the dark and finding this piece has been impossible.  We don't even have working phones as the cell tower is down so we have to wait for Mr. Yesteryear Acres Dad to make all the phone calls, email the answer to us, wait for me to find a signal with my iPad, so I can download the message, and then answer him back, praying that the message is sent.  Yes. That is A LOT of fun.  Finally Mr. Yesteryear Acres Dad found the part.  Total cost $2.86. Yes for the mere price of $3.00 we have been SUFFERING. The warehouse that had the replacement part was WAY on the other side of downtown so the drive to get there would be at least one hour.  Or so I thought. Did I mention there is NO power anywhere?  Which includes traffic lights. Did I mention there were trees down everywhere? Which includes closed roads due to TREES IN THE STREET. Driving to get the replacement part was like navigating a tornado ravished area.  It really is that bad out here.  Churches without steeples, houses without roofs, cars without tops! Everywhere you look, there is destruction.  As we made our way to get the part we were detoured, stuck in traffic, lost AND I forgot our GPS so I had NO idea how to get out of the middle of downtown. I never go there and I was completely lost as there were so many streets closed. It was then that the Gilligan's Island theme song started playing in my head. A THREE HOUR TOUR.  I was wondering if we would EVER make it home! Our trip for the $3.00 gasket/valve thingy took me FOUR HOURS.  Four hours. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Are you thinking heat, darkness, and more fun?!  Me too!

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