Monday, July 2, 2012

Bad News - Thunderstorm Good News - Free Showers

Thanks to another round of storms last night, an additional 20,000 people lost power so that our restoration of electricity might be pushed back until next TUESDAY.  As in July 10th.  For those keeping track - we lost electricity in JUNE.  I like to say that because then the misery sounds even worse. We haven't had power since JUNE! Ack!!!! The number of power lines that were down before last night's storm numbered 9,000.  The electric crews worked all day and repaired over 1,500 electric lines. After last night's storm - 10,500 power lines were down. That has to be SO frustrating for the people working. It is as if the entire day working didn't even matter. Last night the storms rolled in around 7pm and it just POURED.  Since we are so short on water, we took the opportunity to take free showers.  Yes, that is how dire things are around here.  Our evening entertainment is showering outdoors in the rain. I mean what else do we have? Once the sun goes down, it is blatantly obvious that we have no power.  One - we are sweltering.  Two - it is completely dark. Three - we are sitting around an LED Flashlight with nothing to do. Gee, I can't wait for tonight's festivities. Popcorn anyone? Oh wait - that's right - we don't have any way to pop the corn! ACK!

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