Friday, July 20, 2012

New definition to Bird Watching

I really love birds.  I love to watch them at the feeders. I like to have them flutter around on my walks.  I love all the different colors and songs.  Birds are awesome. Lately however, I have been on BIRD WATCH.  Serious bird watch!  We have a Mommy Hawk with three rather large "baby" hawks right in our backyard.  They have really had a growth spurt lately and it appears that this week is "Let's Teach my Babies to Hunt" week.  Oh that mommy hawk is determined.  She is scouring the area for easy prey for her sweet "little" babies.  I now have to let the doggies out while waving my arms and making screeching "Get out of here" sounds so she doesn't confuse some of our smaller doggies for fast food.  My younger daughter has a doggie that is only 4lbs and that Mommy Hawk looks at our sweet little Penny doggie as if she were a snack.  You can just see the smile on her face that says, "HAPPY MEAL 12:00!" We now have to be quite vigilant when we let the doggies out.  Our normal "Let Dog In" and "Let Dog Out" schedule has become "Let Dog In" and "Let Dog out....NOT UP!" Dear Mommy Hawk, I know your babies are so adorable and so loved but please do not let them eat our Penny doggie.  She is not on the menu.  Thank you.

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