Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time to Get Busy

Now that the puppies have all gone to their new homes, it is time......for another project!!! You can imagine all the cheers and HURRAYs that could be heard here. My younger daughter said, "WHAT!!!????"  Yep. I am that mean.  We have one more room to tackle this summer.  One more "disaster area" that desperately needs our attention.  It is going to take at least one week of solid work to whip it into shape. It is really a mess.  It has kind of been the room where if you didn't know where to put something - it went there. I am talking a total makeover. First thing is to keep Mr. Yesteryear Acres VERY busy.  VERY VERY BUSY. OUTSIDE.  Most of the junk....oh I mean "precious memories" are his.  He keeps everything. That broken answering machine from 10 years ago MIGHT come in handy someday!  We have 2 shelves in this room full of CASSETTE TAPES.  We do NOT have a cassette player. Why do we have so many??? OH because some day Mr. Yesteryear Acres will want to play his cassettes.....from the 70's. I mean who doesn't want to pop in good ole ABBA in the good ole cassette player in your good ole walkman? ACK! Cleaning out this room is going to take some finesse.  It will take some sneaky sneaky work.  I am putting down Wednesday as the start date. Wednesday my daughter and I shall tackle the room and hopefully we will be done in one week.  Goal set. Time to get busy!

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