Thursday, July 12, 2012


Our horrible week long torture of having no electricity during the heatwave is something I hope to never live through again. Not only did we have no water, no lights, no air-conditioning, no fans - we had sad doggies and sad puppies that had no way of understanding why we couldn't cool them off. They would just look at us, panting like crazy, wondering why we weren't able to make them feel better. It was oppressively hot and pretty much the most miserable week ever. It was my older daughter's last week at home and we had planned on doing fun things during that last week but instead, we all just suffered. All week long I kept thinking how HAPPY I would be if I could flush the toilet without having to fill the back of the tank up with water.  I would be SO HAPPY if I could have a cup of coffee. I would be SO HAPPY if I could turn on the lights and have the lights turn on. All I wanted was my electric back. I realized how little it takes to make me really happy. I just wanted my power back! Now that we are fully restored, our water pump working, our house nice and cool, our doggies happy and full of cold fresh drinking water - I am happy. I turn on the turn on...HAPPINESS follows. It is so easy to forget how awesome electricity is. It is so easy to take something as simple as flushing a toilet for granted.  Turning on the faucet for cold drinking water is something I do all day long but the second you go without that convenience, you realize just how very lucky we are. We don't have to go to the well and collect buckets of water.  We don't have to traipse for miles carrying water containers just to get a drink. We open our refrigerator and out comes cold fresh food. Life for us is pretty easy and although it might not be something you remember to be grateful for every single day, it is important to be appreciative of those type of things we often take for granted. Any day that you go to turn on your lights - and they turn on - that is a good day.  Any day that you can get cold water from your faucet - that is a good day. Any day that you can escape inclement weather - that is a good day. Any day that you are home, safe and sound, in comfy temperatures, with the family you love, and the doggies surrounding you....that is a good day! Click....lights...HAPPINESS!

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