Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How did this Silverware drawer get so messy?

This morning I went to get a spoon out of the silverware drawer and noticed it was JUST a mess.  The forks and spoons were not neatly stacked and it clearly needed my attention.  The entire drawer was emptied, cleaned and the silverware properly stacked. Then I went to microwave my coffee.  How did the microwave get so messy?  Clearly the roof of the microwave needed a good scrubbing.  So did the glass dish on the bottom.  The walls also needed my attention.  Heck -the whole microwave was just screaming for me to clean it.  Then I went to the pantry to put away the sugar. EGAD! How did the entire pantry get so messy? Cookies next to potato chips. Marshmallows not in the baking bin. Obviously that entire pantry needs completely emptied.  Every single can, box, cake mix, croutons, ice tea mix, soup, seasonings, plastic ware - all needs to be removed. It is clear that this is a disaster area. It will take me HOURS to get this put all back together properly. And would you just LOOK at the pots and pans cabinet!!!!  How can I ever find a saucepan in this mess?!!  It needs completely re-organized.
I have spent every single second of this day cleaning and re-organizing and finding projects that obviously need to be done RIGHT NOW.

Raise your hands if you think I am avoiding thinking about my daughter being gone.

Gee....you didn't ALL have to raise your hands at once did you???

I wonder what the linen closet looks like..........

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