Saturday, July 28, 2012

I mean it

This weekend I am going to take care of all the little things on my "To-Do" list and then come Monday morning, I WILL START MY LAST BIG PROJECT.  I mean it. August is knocking on my door and I will not procrastinate any longer. I will wake up with the birds. I will put on my serious housecleaning attire. I will arm myself with garbage bags, donation boxes, vacuum cleaner and all the essentials to tackle the last excavation project.  The longer I put this off, the worse the room becomes.  It is now the "Oh just throw it in there" room for EVERYTHING that doesn't have a proper place.  I believe that once I start - I may never emerge again! It really is that monumental of a project. It has been kind of a disaster area for a couple of years and I MEAN IT - it will be done.  Monday morning.  Mr. Yesteryear Acres has been coming up with all sorts of things to distract me from starting this project.  He is actually the biggest transgressor of "Oh just throw it in there" and he is living in fear that I may actually get RID of non-working things and mementos from the 70's. Mr. Yesteryear Acres insists that HE will clean the room but we all know that will NEVER happen so I am going to do it. Mr. Yesteryear Acres....say goodbye to your 8-Track tapes! I mean it!

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