Friday, July 6, 2012

Surprise Surgery!

The things we will do here at Yesteryear Acres to get out of the heat are just mind boggling.  To say we have had a rough week here would be an extreme understatement.  The heat is just torturous.  Even when we lost power for 10 days back in 2008, we didn't suffer as every day the temperature was about 72* outside with a lovely breeze.  105* is the predicted temperature for tomorrow and no one is happy.  We have several heat related deaths out in our area of the state.  It is miserable. My daughter had an appointment with a dermatologist yesterday to check out a lump on her head. It was supposed to be a quick appointment and if it the lump was something that needed medical attention, we were to make a follow up appointment for it in August.  Once we got to the doctor's office, the dermatologist took one look at it and said, "let's do surgery right now and get that taken care of".  Surprise Surgery! Oh boy!  You can imagine how happy my daughter was.  The surgery went well and she is home resting. We did enjoy the air-conditioning while we were there.  So the highlights of our week, as in the best things that have happened to us all week long, as in this is the best it can be..... were:
a fractured tooth repair
a punch biopsy surgery.
What will next week bring??????  Could I make a request for a 20* drop in temperatures to bring it to a nice and comfortable 85*?  Is that too much to ask?  Oh...and ice cream.  I think next week should bring ice cream too! We need it!

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