Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You have a SPARE!

Mr. Yesteryear Acres took our daughter to the Doctor today to get her stitches taken out. She had a SURPRISE surgery about 10 days ago and today was the appointment for the removal of the stitches. That was supposed to be my job but my neck is still so sore I didn't think I could do the 2 hour round trip drive to the Doctor's office.  My daughter was really good about it - but we all know - she wanted her Mommy to take her to the doctor.  She was nervous about having her stitches removed and Mommies say things like, "It will be okay" and "It will be over before you know it".  Mr. Yesteryear Acres says things like, "I hope you don't bleed all over your nice shirt".  Yes.  Good ole Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  One time Mr. Yesteryear Acres was in the kitchen cooking and hot oil sprayed out of the hot pan and hit my daughter in the eye.  She of course was in serious pain as she had burning oil IN her eye.  I ran to get ice and all of that while Mr. Yesteryear Acres continued cooking.  Later that evening as my daughter was trying to get sympathy for her hurt eye, Mr. Yesteryear Acres said she knew she was fine.....after all......she has a spare! Isn't he so sweet?  He is just so mushy with all that attention isn't he?  The good news is that my daughter survived all the love and comfort provided by Mr. Yesteryear Acres and came away from her appointment just fine.  The stitches are out, the biopsy was negative AND even better.... she did not bleed all over her nice shirt.  Thank goodness!

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