Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Hot Birthday Mr. Yesteryear Acres

It was so nice of the sun to show up for Mr. Yesteryear Acres birthday today.  The sun must REALLY REALLY REALLY love Mr. Yesteryear Acres.  The sun must want to pull out all the stops and shine down on Mr. Yesteryear Acres with all the power it possesses.  The sun started awfully early this morning with the heat seeking missile rays to show Mr. Yesteryear Acres just how much he is loved.  Dear sun.....we got the message.  We feel the love.  I believe everything is in Mr. Yesteryear Acres is melting. The garden is melting.  The roof is melting.  We spent Mr. Yesteryear Acres birthday hosing down all the doggies. We made a doggie sprinkler system and made sure each and every doggie had fun playing in the cold refreshing showers.  It is really nice to be able to cool them off. Some of the doggies were hesitant at first and kind of darted in and out of the water.  Other doggies just walked right into the center and did NOT move one inch.  Their faces said, "ahhhhhh".  The rest of Mr. Yesteryear Acres special birthday will be spent taking care of the doggies, the puppies, the house and just trying to keep everyone cool.  Happy Hot Birthday Mr. Yesteryear Acres. We will have to celebrate your birthday in style after the heatwave. I am thinking you will want EXTRA ice cream....and you deserve it!

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